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A question we hear all the time:

I see the problems...and they concern me greatly...but what can one person do?

The answer:

A lot more than you might believe! Important movements throughout history have started with just a few upraised voices. The number of voice supporting Free Markets and Personal Freedoms are some parts of the world those voices are making radical changes. Many people who have been denied these freedoms are even now welcoming positive change in their nations and communities...even as other nations move toward suppressing freedoms long enjoyed and often not appreciated.

But truth is a powerful thing. Have you seen a news story that should be shared? Send us a link at Are you aware of a new tax or anti-free market move by a government entity? Send us that information and we will alert others as well as act on it ourselves.

Are you willing to send out emails or make phone calls to elected officials? Below we give some links to help you find your US congressional and senatorial members. Your state and city lawmakers are also available. Maintain the is your freedoms they are playing with.

The US Senate Membership and Contact Information

The US House of Representatives Membership and Contact Information

State Governors and Representatives