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A US based technology development firm is in the prototype stage of completing the first generation system of medical and health care record cards using RFID technology. The system is unique in the amount of information that can be stored, in the ability to open and read the information using simple reader devices, and in the security and privacy provided to the patient while being completely portable.

System is currently being looked at by health care insurance companies and co-ops, hospital groups, and government and military health care systems.

A technology development firm in Washingston is building prototypes of a new means of securing information on RFID “smart cards” so that those cards cannot be “skimmed” by thieves. They have prospective firms in both Europe and Asia now exploring partnerships for production and distribution to the banking industry, credit card industry, and passport industry.

The company is not yet locked into final manufacturing or financial agreements.

A technology development firm in the US has developed a new generation mechanical device for the separation of fine gold from sediment. The process is faster than existing processes, produces for more gold per measure of sediment, and uses no arsenic or other harmful chemicals.

They are preparing an RFP for final design work and manufacturing. A small manufacturer with the capability of molding plastics, machining metals, and final production in the US would be ideal. Investors are also welcome to come onboard at this phase.