Free Market Institute of the Pacific

Exploring Business, Economics, and Freedom

Executive Director Dick Barnes

Dick Barnes has nearly forty years experience in a combination of industries including manufacturing, service industries, banking, consulting, academia, and government. He has his Masters in Multinational Marketing Management from the University of Puget Sound and has served on the Faculties of major universities.

In his years with government, he advised law makers on the affects of legislation and taxation on the economy and aided in the design and implementation of economic plans as well as forecasting the effects of such plans on the business community and the economy.

His publications include the book Marketing Matters and more than two hundred articles and papers in national business magazines and journals.

Founding Director James Massick

Our Senior Director, James Massick is the retired President and CEO of the Truckweld Corporation. He holds the title of Director Emeritus of the Borg Warner Acceptance Corporation, the Hughes Aircraft Corporation, and the Budd Corporation.

Mr. Massick has established trade alliances in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and in Mainland China. He received his Masters from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Founding Director Sam Emmons

Sam Emmons is CEO of Pacific Outdoor Products and has been in manufacturing for over twenty-five years.  Prior to manufacturing, Sam owned retail and service companies. He is also the Executive Director of Community Sports for Kids, a non-profit training center for Olympic hopefuls.

Founding Director Robert Pirollo

Rob Pirollo is the Managing Director of LGP LLC, a technology development firm, with offices in Tacoma, Washington, and in Hong Kong, China. Most of his work has been in the chemical and high technology fields.